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Studio 6 Extended Stay Hotels

Studio 6 Locations

Finding a Studio 6 extended stay hotel is quick and easy. Search by:

  • City
  • Address
  • Airport
  • Attractions
  • Route
Stay Longer, Save More

Flexible Value Options

Studio 6 understands the value of your dollar and offers value options to fit your life's demands.

  • Weekly value plans
  • Extended stay discounts
  • Great nightly rates
Comfortable and Convenient

More In Your Room, Less On Your Bill®

Every Studio 6 unit is stocked with all the features you need. And they all come with your room, not on the bill.

  • Fully-equipped kitchen with pots, pans and dishes
  • Voicemail, data ports, available Wi-Fi and free local phone calls
  • Multi-channel TV with expanded cable
  • Guest laundry
Studio 6 reservations call 1-888-897-0202 or en español (Spanish): 1-877-467-7229