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Studio 6 & American Kennel Club

Welcome American Kennel Club to Studio 6

American Kennel Club members receive a special discount at participating Studio 6 locations for both business and leisure stays. With over 75 locations in U.S. and Canada, you'll be able to enjoy modern rooms, free wi-fi, and great service. It’s easy to take advantage of the partnership – book your reservation right here online.  

For Motel 6 stays, book here.

Studio 6 shall provide organization member the entitled discounts or services in accordance with the Studio6 agreement with the organization identified herein. Member validation required at check in.Discounts are not valid during special events, may not be valid at certain locations and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount. Discounts, where applicable, apply to room charge only, and exclude tax, telephone WiFi or other charges. All discounts may be modified or terminated without notice to organization members. Discounts are non-transferable and Membership Verification is required at Check-In. Additional information available at: